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Tips for Managing Your Child’s Summer Break

Updated: May 13, 2023

Many parents and caregivers worry that their child may regress or lose skills during the summer months when their child does not have access to daily learning activities at school. Below are several tips, strategies, and resources that families can use during the summer months to help with skill retention and to set their children up for success during the next school year.

1. Ask your child’s teacher for a list of core concepts he/she learned throughout the school year. Tackle a different concept each day for 10-15 minutes, whether it be completing a worksheet, solving a few addition or subtraction problems, or even something as simple as working on a few new sight words. Practicing those academic skills regularly will help your child be ready to start the next school year!

2. Check out free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. There are hundreds of free worksheets and activities available at no charge for children grades Pre-K to 12. Completing one to two worksheets or activities every day throughout the summer months will help your child transition more smoothly into their next grade by keeping their current skills sharp.

3. If your child is receiving any private therapy services like ABA, speech or occupational therapy, ask your provider for an updated list of their current goals or targets so you can spend a few minutes each day working on those skills too.

4. Plan an educational trip once or twice a month. Whether it be to the zoo, arboretum, or even your local children’s museum, community outings can be a great place for your child to learn new information and expand their horizons!

5. Enroll your child in a summer camp. The DFW area has hundreds of summer camps available, which will create many new learning opportunities for your child to grow their knowledge and to build great social skills. Check out some of the links below with local area summer camps:

a. Kids Out & About offers an extensive list of DFW Camp Options for children with special needs.

b. City of McKinney Local Camps

c. City of Allen Local Camps

d. City of Frisco Local Camps

6. Local universities and learning centers typically offer summer programs in specific academic areas like reading. If your child has been struggling in a particular academic area, an intensive summer program may be a great option!

c. Kumon

7. Read with your child. Research shows that more exposure to language at a young age will significantly improve a child’s rate of language development. Local libraries have thousands of books available to your family at no charge to rent. Whether it be before naptime, bedtime, or during a play break, take some time to read to your child. If your child can read, let them read at least one book or book chapter to you every day.

8. Sign your family up to volunteer in your local community. Volunteer Match can help connect your family with a cause they will enjoy supporting. Enter your local zip code into the search bar and you will be able to see all the upcoming opportunities for your family to volunteer in your local area.

9. Verywell Family offers a list of 100 simple activities parent and kids can do together, regardless of age and across a wide range of categories—physical activities, arts & crafts, learning activities, rainy day activities and more.

10. Check out your local library summer program guide for a host of activities for all age ranges. Activities include STEAM story time, LEGO challenges, let’s play music sessions, robotics, and mad science programs.

A few general summer rules: Children do well with routines. Keeping consistent mealtime and bedtime schedules will help your child transition more easily back into school in the fall. You might consider making a weekly activity schedule (include pictures for younger children) so they know what to expect each day. Use your child’s strengths to plan activities that they will enjoy. Limit screen time, when possible, especially a few hours before bedtime. Finally, remember that some days will be easier than others. Give yourself a break when you need it too! Reach out to your friends or family to help you schedule some self-care activities for yourself at least a couple times a month.

If you have additional questions regarding summertime learning activities, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please reach out to Dr. Hoppe to schedule an appointment today. NTX Psychological Services, PLLC is located in McKinney, Texas.

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May 13, 2023

I absolutely love this article! Not only does it offer a wealth of ideas for keeping children with autism engaged during the summer months, but these ideas are also applicable for all children to keep their minds and bodies active during their summer vacation.

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