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An Autism Diagnosis & Beyond

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Families may have a difficult time processing that their child now has a diagnosis of autism and what that means for their child and their family. The first few weeks and months following an autism evaluation require you and your family to make many decisions regarding treatment and therapy services for your child. These decisions can seem daunting. Remember to be patient and kind with yourself as this is new territory for your whole family. Whatever you might be feeling is okay. Caregivers often say processing a diagnosis is like a journey with many bumps and stops along the road. Lean on your family and close friends to listen when you need to talk and know it may take time to adjust. Always remember that your child is still the same child. A diagnosis does not define a child.

Once your child receives a diagnosis of ASD, you may need to get him/her enrolled in different services including:

● Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA)

● Speech Therapy (ST)

● Occupational Therapy (OT)

● Physical Therapy (PT)

● School or academic programs

● Family counseling

● Social skills groups

Take time during your results/feedback session to ask your diagnostic provider about what services he/she recommends for your child. Providers will typically outline several resources they believe would benefit your family at the end of their written report. If you need help finding a specific service provider, don’t hesitate to ask for referral sources.

There are also several books written for families with children with autism that you might consider reading as well.

The Reason I Jump by Keiko Yoshida, Naoki Higashida, David Mitchell

Start Here: A Guide for Parents of Autistic Kids by Autistic Self Advocacy Network

The Verbal Behavior Approach by Dr. Mary Lynch Barbera

These websites have extensive information about autism spectrum disorder and evidence-based treatments for ASD.

You can also check out our blog on The Autism Diagnostic Evaluation Process!

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Apr 27, 2023

Reading this blog was so emotionally soothing. Thank you for the invaluable list of resources too!

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